About Me
Hello! I'm Benjamin, a mathematics student, studying at University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, ON. I am also an interdisciplinary academic researcher, seeking any research opportunities. I consistently practice strong problem solving skills, and am able to discover unique solutions to problems, on my own. I am able to organize work for ease of accessibility and readability. I know how to effectively collaborate with others of varying backgrounds while working on a team -- I am truly a strong leader and listener. I have proven to, and will continue to strive to make positive experiences in all my work.
Research Interests
I am interested in noticing patterns in everyday life. I find pure mathematics to be highly pattern-based, and strongly believe that applying a similar problem-solving approach and abstract mindset will solve real world problems. My recent research interest has been in infodemiology, through connections to evolutionary graph theory. I am also highly interested in mathematical logic.
In my first year of undergraduate studies, I began an academic podcast -- the Benjamin D. Fedoruk Podcast. I wanted to excite a future generation of researchers, giving them advice and offering conversations with career researchers. I enjoy speaking to individuals who are not only researching computer science or mathematics, but am open to interdisciplinary discussions. I hope that this podcast provides inspirational and thought-provoking content.
More Information About the Benjamin D. Fedoruk Podcast
My growing history documents the work ethic I possess. This work ethic is highly apparent through my academic endeavours. I also have experience in work environments relating to data science. Most of my non-academic experience has been voluntary, thus exemplifying my various passions.
More Information About Benjamin's Experiences
Throughout my several years of active work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), I have received numerous key honours. I am humbled to have been awarded these prestigious honours. These showcase my unwavering passion for various fields within STEM, thus exemplifying my work ethic and skills.
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Philosophy Statement
I believe strongly in advocating for youth, whose voices are often underrepresented. I try my hardest to think deeply about all subjects, and to try to come up with solutions to any problems I encounter. In fact, I am basing my whole academic discipline around finding the best and most fundamental solutions to the problems of the world, using logical means. I try to combine as many sciences as I can together, especially the fields of mathematics, computer science, and philosophy, into the realm of logic. I strongly believe that my research will create a better, more well-understood tomorrow.