J. Koivisto
Testimonial by Jyrki J. Koivisto
I first met Ben in Grade 9, when he joined in on our open lunch-time SWC Programming Design Club meetings at Churchill CVI. He showed great interest and quickly amalgamated with the team. Ben’s problem solving capabilities were evident from the beginning. As a result, he was invited to join the Robotics club, which he was involved with for a semester. Since the beginning, Ben’s willingness to help others learn and understand was apparent. He was always willing to help others solve problems with the design, or programming of the robots.

In Gr. 10, Ben continued with the Programming Design club, and then became a part of my IB programming class. He excelled, developing many novel and unique solutions to difficult open-ended coding problems. Ben mastered the concepts of basic coding and was able to complete a large programming project, within time constraints.

In Gr. 11, at the new school we both moved to, Ben found his niche. He demonstrated a unique ability to code at a high level in Java. He continually pushed the boundaries of what he was learning, quickly mastering class based, object oriented programming, beyond the high school level. He created and led the Physics club at the school, showing interest practical mathematics.

In Gr. 12, Ben will be in two of my classes: Gr. 12 Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He has shown great interest in Bezier Curves and has self taught himself complex matrices. Ben is now a proficient coder and starting to create real life projects. These include:
  1. A Natural Selection Simulator, which mathematically models a food chain
  2. A sump pump sensor, a water level sensor for a well which turns on a sump pump when necessary, the sensor mechanism and programming was all created from original designs developed by Ben.
  3. A 3-d graphics simulator, which uses matrices for movement in a 3d environment.
Written by Jyrki Koivisto

Secondary School Teacher, Lakehead District School Board

November 2019