R. McDonnell
Testimonial by Ryan McDonnell
Ben Fedoruk is a remarkable young man. In the 4 years that I have known him as his vice-principal and principal, he has continuously impressed me with his kind and caring nature, devotion to helping others and commitment to our community.

Ben is an exceptionally bright student with a true zest for learning which has led him to be successful across subject areas. He has a passion for math, physics and computers which he willingly shares with others as head of our school's physics club and a member of our school's robotics team. In addition to being able to think analytically and logically, Ben is also gifted at thinking critically as he examines and explores course content. His teachers describe him as an articulate and eloquent young man who respectfully challenges thought paradigms and the status quo.

Ben is devoted to making the world around him a better place. He is a deeply principled individual who is guided by a strong sense of integrity. He consistently spearheads initiatives to improve the quality of life for others. He has played a significant role on the Regional Multicultural Youth Council where he has promoted acceptance and inclusion in our community. He was integral implementing many of the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission through coordinating conferences to build relationship between Indigenous youth and the police and hosting forums to identify the barriers in the education system that Indigenous youth face. He is truly a voice for reconciliation in our community. Additionally, he has been a driving force for the "Polar Plunge" which raises funds for the Special Olymics and Roots to Harvest. Over the past few years, he has organized school teams and personally raised over $5000.

Ben is an exceedingly gifted individual with a highly developed sense of purpose which guides him through his daily life. I look forward to seeing the impact that he will make in the world with the bright future that is ahead of him.
Written by Ryan McDonnell

Principal, Superior C&VI

May 2020