V. Nair
Testimonial by Vinayak Nair
I met Ben via a mentorship program organized by Convergence.Tech which paired students with experienced data analytics leaders in the industry to tackle a data science challenge pertaining to climate change. The challenge was open to high school and university students globally.

Ben naturally assumed a leadership role amongst the group; he got the team together, ensured they met with me on a regular cadence and established milestones with deadlines. Ben is an articulate communicator and blends the rare skill of being able to dive deep into the data and summarize impact to a broader audience that may not be as in the weeds. He took constructive criticism positively and iterated on feedback to build the final version of the project. His presentation skills were key to his team landing 2nd place in a global competition!

Ben took the next step of continuing to rally for the team for future competitions. His team won first place with JMIR Publications among the 1000 teams. I am impressed with how he built on past success and continued to learn and be curious.

Compared to the other individuals I have mentored, I find that Ben possesses the right balance of self-drive, communication skills and tech savvy that are rare to come by. I am excited to see what Ben accomplishes next given he has already accomplished so much at the infancy of his career.

I strongly recommend Ben for endeavors in data science either in a professional or an academic setting. His display of continuous learning and being curious, diving deep and communicating well will add a ton of value to any organization he joins. I would not hesitate to hire him in my team should that opportunity present itself.
Written by Vinayak Nair

Manager, Analytics and Media Management at Amazon

August 2021